The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 144 

tenth, Lady Cecilia of Spello; 35the eleventh, Lady Balvina, daughter of Sir Martino of Corozano; 36the twelfth, Lady Agnese, daughter of Sir de Oportulo; 37the thirteenth…a 38and Lady Lucia of Rome. 39[All are] nuns of the monastery of San Damiano [and] took an oath to tell the truth about the life, conversion, manner of living, and miracles of Saint Clareb 40in the presence of these witnesses: 41Leonardo, archdeacon of Spoleto; 42Jacobo, archpriest of Trevi; 43Brothers Leo, Angelo, and Marco of the Lesser Brothers; 44and the notary, Ser Martino, 45before the venerable father, Lord Bartholomew, Bishop of Spoleto.


The Manner of Life of Saint Clare
in the House of Her Father

1. 1Sister Pacifica de Guelfuccio of Assisi,c a nun of the monastery of San Damiano, said under oath 2she knew Saint Clare while that holy woman was in the world in her father’s house; 3and that she was considered by all those who knew her [to be a person] of great honesty and of very good life; 4and that she was intent upon and occupied with works of piety.

Her Conversion

2. 5She said that Saint Clare began the Order that is now at San Damiano through the admonition of Saint Francis. She entered it as a virgin, and always remained such a virgin. 6When she was asked how she knew these things, she responded that when she was in the world she was her neighbor and distant relative and




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 144