The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 143 

18It is fitting and right that she be honored in the Church Mili- tant. For the divine mercy because of her gifts of grace and the worth of her miracles has demonstrated that she be venerated by the faithful. 19Therefore, we direct Your Brotherhood, through apostolic letters, diligently and carefully to research her life, con- version, and manner of life, as well as the truth of all the aforesaid miracles and all their particulars according to the questions we send you included under this Bull.a 20As for what you may find out about the aforesaid matters, be careful to send it to Us under your seal, written faithfully through a notary, 21so her soul, believed to be already rejoicing with happiness in heaven with the stole of immortality, may be followed in this world with fit- ting praise by the multitude of the just.

22Given at Saint John Lateran, the fifteenth calend of November in the eleventh year of our pontificate.b

23I, the aforesaid Bartholomew, going personally to the mon- astery of San Damiano, received, therefore, the testimonies about the life, conversion, manner of life, and miracles of the holy memory of the Lady Clare, former abbess of the monastery of San Damiano in Assisi. 24The names and details of those witnesses are written herein.

25The first witness present in the cloister of San Damiano on the twenty-fourth day of the month of November was Lady Pacifica, daughter of Guelfuccio of Assisi; 26the second, Lady Benvenuta, from Peroscia; 27the third, Lady Filippa, daughter of Sir Leonardo di Ghislerio; 28the fourth, Lady Amata, daughter of Sir Martino of Corozano; 29the fifth, Lady Cristiana, daughter of Sir Cristiano of Parisse;c 30the sixth, Lady Cristiana, daughter of Bernard of Suppo; 31the seventh, Lady Benvenuta, daughter of Oportulo of Alessandro; 32the eighth, Lady Francesca, daughter of Sir Capitaneo of Col de Mezzo; 33the ninth, Lady Beatrice, daughter of Sir Favarone of Assisi, the sister of holy Clare; 34the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 143