The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 142 

8These desirable rewards belong to the holy memory of the blessed virgin Clare, former abbess of the Poor Ladies, enclosed nuns of San Damiano in Assisi. Heeding that saying of the prophet—9O daughter, listen, see, and incline your ear; forget your people and your father’s house; because the king has desired your beauty—10she turned her back on passing and fading things. Turning to things ahead and forgetting everything behind, she gave herself will- ingly and readily to listening to holy discourse. 11She did not lose time nor did she delay in fulfilling immediately what she delighted to hear, but instantly denied herself, her relatives, and all her belongings. Already a young girl of the heavenly kingdom, she chose and claimed as her spouse the poor Jesus Christ, the King of kings. 12Vowing herself totally to Him, with her mind and body in a spirit of humility, she promised Him principally these two good things, almost by way of a dowry, the gift of poverty and the vow of chaste virginity.

13So the modest virgin was united to the desired embraces of the virgin Spouse, and, from the bed of irreproachable virginity, a progeny came: chaste and marvelously fruitful to all, 14which, under the odor of her holy way of life and love of salutary profession, spread through almost every part of the world like a heavenly plant abundantly fruitful for God.

15This is that spouse who, while she seemed to be dead to the world, was so pleasing to God the Most High with her desires, deeds of virtue, and studies of the holy acts. 16From the moment that she died joyfully, even before she departed from this mortal life, the compassionate condescension of almighty God, rewarder of every good, in the abundance of His kindness which exceeds the merits and desires of those who pray for it, grants favors for the exaltation of His ever-glorious name to those who ask for them because the clear merits of the virgin Clare were interced- ing. 17God comes down to perform on earth many different miracles through her and her prayers.a




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 142