Mandate of 1238 - 429 

Mandate of 1238

This little known document was published by Luke Wadding in the Annales Minorum under the year 1238, but it was Arnaldo Fortini who discovered its original in the archives of Assisi and brought it to light in this modern period of research.a Whereas it is of little spiritual importance, it does provide us information concerning the sisters living at San Damiano at that period and their concern for maintaining the poverty and simplicity they had originally vowed.

In the Name of God.
Lady Clare, abbess of the monastery of San Damiano in Assisi, designates and establishes by this document and by the will of the ladiesor sisters listed below a procurator or treasurer who will sell or hand over in her name and in that of this monastery a certain enclosure at Compiglione, together with the land adjacent to it, to the Church or Chapter of San Rufino in Assisi. The enclosure is bordered on one side by the Tescio and by roads on the other two sides. The land borders the enclosure on two sides, the fieldsof Maragoni'sson on the third, and that of Balducino'sson on the fourth side.

This procurator or treasurer shall promise and oblige himself to takechargeof this enclosure and land in the name of this monastery for the purpose of transferring it to the Church or Chapter or to its delegate in the holding and possessing of this enclosure and land, and for the purpose of doing and transacting whatever this procurator or treasurer deems necessary concerning this sale.

The names of the ladies or sisters are these: Agnes, Philippa, Jacoba, Illuminata, Cecilia, Aegidia, Agnes, Anastatis, Cristiana, Iacobina, Balvina, Mansueta, Amata, Benvenuta, Bonaventura, Benvenuta, Benricevuta, Consolata, Andrea, Aurea, Leonarda,




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