The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul (1245-1247) - 416 

Whenever he was
filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit Is 4:4
he would speak in French,
bursting out in fiery words,
for he could foresee
that he would be honored
with special reverence by that people.

The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul 204-207

Thomas returns in theseparagraphs to his lofty vision of San Damiano and thePoor Ladies whoare living there. Weseehim repeating once more an appreciation for the role of Saint Clare and her sisters in fulfillin g the mission of Saint Francis in repairing this littl e church. Moreover, we cannot overlook Thomas's understanding of the much wider and more profound implications of the life of the Poor Ladies of San Damiano. Their presence in that sacred place, symbolic in Thomas's mind of so many aspects of Francis's call, was a continuing reminder of the ecclesial dimensions of the Franciscan vocation. Therefore, Thomas does not let the opportunity pass in his articulation of the virtues that should animate a disciple of Saint Francis to underscore the obligation of care and respect that should be shown to the Poor Ladies. In so doing, however, he delicately usesvarious recollections of Francis's first followers to describe the qualities that this ministry to the Poor Ladies should assume.

Chapter CLV

204It would not be right to pass over in silence
the memory of a spirit ual building,
much nobler than that earthly one,
that the blessed father established in that place
with the Holy Spirit leading
for the increase of the heavenly city,
after he had repaired the material church.
We should not believe
that for the sake of repairing
a crumbling and perishable building,
that Christ spoke to him from the wood of the Cross




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 416