The First Witness of Thomas of Celano (1228) - 403 

"O father of the poor! Jb 29:16
O lover of poverty!
Who will help us in temptation?
You, who experienced so many temptations!
You, who were such a careful judge of temptations!
Who will comfort us in the midst of distress?
You, who were so often our help in times of distress! Ps 46:2 [Vulgate, Ps 45:2]
What bitter separation, what painful absence!

"O death, dreadful death!
You are killing thousands of his sons and daughters
by taking away their father!
Our poor efforts bore fruit through him,
and you rush to tear him far from us,
beyond recall!"

The virgins' modesty overcame their tears.
To grieve too much over him Zec 12:10 was unbecoming,
for at his passing
a host of angels rushed to greet him,
and the citizens of heaven
and members of God's household Eph 2:19 rejoiced.a
torn between sorrow and joy,
they kissed his most splendid hands
that glittered with rare jewels and shining pearls.b
Once he was taken away,
the door
that never again will suffer such pain,
was closed Mt 25:10 on them.

O how great was the grief of all at the misery of these women!
How full was their mourning and the piety of their outcry!
Above all how great was the wailing of his grieving sons!c
The sadness of each was shared by all,
since no one could keep from crying
when even the angels of peace wept bitterly. Is 33:7




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 403