The First Witness of Thomas of Celano (1228) - 399 

preserving the good things bestowed by heaven
so sparkles in each one
that they merit other virtues as well.a
the lily of virginity and chastity
diffuses such a wondrous fragrance among them
that they forget earthly thoughts
and desire to meditate only on heavenly things.
So great a love of their eternal Spouse arises in their hearts that the integrity of their holy feelings keeps them
from every habit of their former life.
all of them have become so distinguished
by their title of highest poverty
that their food and clothing rarely or never
manage to satisfy extreme necessity.b
they have so attained the unique grace
of abstinence and silence
that they scarcely need to exert any effort
to check the prompting of the flesh
and to restrain their tongues.c
they are so adorned with the virtue of patience
in all these things,
that adversity of tribulation,
or injury of vexation




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 399