The First Witness of Thomas of Celano (1228) - 398 

The Lady Clare,
a native of the city of Assisi,
the most precious and strongest stone of the whole structure,
stands as the foundation for all the other stones.a
after the beginning of the Order of Brothers,
when this lady was converted to God
through the counsel of the holy man,
she lived for the good of many
and as an example to countless others.
Noble by lineage, but more noble by grace,b
chaste in body, most chaste in mind,
young in age, mature in spirit ,
steadfast in proposal and most eager in her desire for divine
endowed with wisdom and excelling in humility,
bright in name, more brilli ant in life, most brilliant in
19A noble structure of precious pearls arose above this woman,
whose praise comes not from mortals but from God,
since our limited understanding is not sufficient to imagine it,
nor our scanty vocabulary to utter it.

First of all,
the virtue of mutual and continual charity
that binds their wills together
flourishes among them.
Forty or fifty of them can dwell together in one place,
wanting and not wanting the same things
forming one spirit in them out of many.d
the gem of humility,




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 398