Letter of Saint Clare to Ermentrude of Bruges - 421 

6May the false delights of the deceptive world

not deceive you.

Close your ears to the whisperings of hell

and bravely oppose its


7Gladly endure whatever goes against you

and do not let your good fortunes lift you up:

for these things destroy faith and those demand it.

8Offer faithfully what you have vowed to God

and He shall reward you.

9Look to heaven that invites us, O dearly beloved,

and take up the cross and follow Lk 9:23 Christ

Who goes before us,

10for through Him

we shall enter into His glory Acts 14:22 Lk 24:26

after many different trials.

11From the depths of your heart love God

and Jesus, Lk 10:27 1 Cor 16:22 His Son, Who was crucified for us sinners,

and never let the thought of Him leave your mind.

12Meditate constantly on the mysteries of the cross

and the agonies of His mother standing at the foot of the cross. Jn 19:25

13Pray and always be vigilant. Mt 26:41

14The work you have begun well, complete immediately

and the ministry you have assumed,

fulfill in holy poverty and sincere humility.

15Do not be afraid, daughter.

God, Who is faithful in all His words

and holy in all His deeds,

will pour His blessings upon you and your sisters;

16and He will be your helper and the best consoler;

He is our redeemer and our eternal reward.

17Let us pray to God for one another,

for by carrying each other's burden Jas 5:16 of charity in this way

we will easily fulfill the law of Christ.





Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 421