Pope Innocent IV (1243-1253). - 376 

aforementioned Order of these Brothers, or that will be granted in the future, the General and Provincial Ministers are to be concerned for Our souls and care for the monastery itself either personally or through other Brothers of their Order, whom they judge to be suitable for this. As often as is expedient, they may carry out the office of visitation by correcting and reforming both the one in charge and also the members, when they discern that this office of reform is needed; nevertheless, they may institute, cut out, change, and order, as they see fit according to God. But the election of an Abbess belongs freely to the Convent. They may hear your confessions, and administer to you the Sacraments of the Church. But because Brothers of this Order are not bound to be present in your monastery all the time, there could be an imminent danger of death with no priest available from the aforementioned General and Provincial Ministers to hear confessions in a moment of necessity, and to administer the aforementioned Sacraments, also to celebrate the Divine Offices. In such circumstances you may appoint some discreet and prudent chaplains. For this you may receive income and freely retain it in spite of any contrary custom or statute of your Order approved by the Apostolic See, or based on any other strong reason. To no one therefore, is it lawful to tamper with this page of Our permission or rashly dare to oppose it. But if anyone presumes to attempt this, let him know that he shall incur the anger of Almighty God and of his blessed Apostles, Peter and Paul.

Given at Lyons fourth Nones of June in the third year of Our Pontificate.

Quoties a nobis, August 23a

Innocent, Servant of the servants of God, to all My beloved daughters in Christ, the Abbesses and the Cloistered Nuns of the Order of St. Damian, Health and Apostolic Benediction.

As often as I am asked what it is that engenders tranquility in minds that are troubled and what reflects honesty and




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 376