Pope Innocent IV (1243-1253). - 375 

Cleric to hear your confessions, for a last anointing, to give the other sacraments of the Church, or in pressing sickness among you to bury the bodies of deceased sisters; it may be also for your Brother Visitators, appointed for the occasion, that you may have with them two suitable Brothers of their Order for the visitation; and for the aforesaid Ministers, on the special feasts of the Monasteries referred to, and to celebrate the Divine Offices in them on a death among your sisters, to preach the word of God to the people who then and at other times come here; also for other reasonable and good causes; and to go to the doors, grates, and parlors of these Monasteries, as they see fit. We grant by the authority of this letter a free permission to appoint Brothers of their Order. To no one therefore, is it lawful to tamper with this page of Our permission or rashly dare to oppose it.a

Given at Lyons the twelfth Kalends of November in the third year of Our pontificate.


Innocent, Bishop, Servant of the servants of God: to the beloved daughters, the Abbesses and the convent of enclosed Nuns of the Monastery of Saint Angelus Esculan,b of the Order of Saint Damian, Health and Apostolic Blessing.

Since, as you stated in Our presence, you who are enclosed in body in cloistered houses but with free mind serve the Lord devoutly, that you desire to be committed for your well-being to the General of the Order, and to the Provincial Minister of the Lesser Brothers of Esculan, We commend your pious proposal in the Lord and, favorably inclined to you from the prayers of your devotion and by the authority of this present letter, We commit your monastery to the General and Provincial Ministers mentioned above. Nevertheless, We lay down with the same authority that you are to remain for the rest under the direction and teaching of the General and Provincial Ministers of the Lesser Brothers of the aforementioned Province and who are in office at the time.

Enjoying these privileges granted by the Apostolic See to the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 375