Pope Honorius III (1219-1222) - 341 

happen, the vigor of the holy Religion. Wherefore, beloved daughters in the Lord, agreeing with happy consent to your just requests, there has been given to us in kind generosity and we have accepted in the name of the Roman Church into the right and ownership of Blessed Peter and of the Roman Church, the piece of land owned by the beloved son, Glottus Monaldus, a noble citizen in a suburb of Perugia. We built a monastery there, in the name of the Roman Church to whom it belongs with no intermediary, to the honor of God and of the glorious Virgin his Mother, so that you might offer there a holocaust to the Lord, and by your example draw others to divine obedience. But because you have asked us to secure, by a privilege of the protection of the Apostolic See, the place itself and the persons serving the Lord in it against attacks of evil people, We, sensitive to your requests, place the aforesaid monastery, that belongs to the Roman Church with no intermediary and in which you are committed to its service together with the persons and with all its things, under the protection of Blessed Peter and strengthen it by the privilege of this present writing. Indeed, in particular realizing that the monastic Order you profess according to God and the Rule of Blessed Benedict, is known to have been instituted in the same place, and observed inviolably in that very place for all time. However, the formulaa of your life, which you have received humbly from us with the Rule of Blessed Benedict, we have decided is to remain unchanged forever. We confirm for you, and for those who will follow you canonically, your religious house with all that belongs to it and all that you possess rightly and canonically. However, we decree by the authority of the present page that you are to be exempt from the guaranty of the tithes on your cloister, on the produce of the gardens and the fruits. But for these and others things to which your Church is perhaps bound by a diocesan law of the Church of Perugia you shall pay each year on the feast of the Assumption of the glorious Virgin in August to the Bishop of Perugia one pound of wax only and nothing else; nor may others be allowed to enter your Cloister apart from those for whom you shall have had a special permission. You may receive in your church women who are free, who are released from the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 341