Pope Honorius III (1219-1222) - 337 

assault of rash temerity may either recall them from their pious purpose or—God forbid—weaken the power of holy religion.

For this reason, Advengnente, beloved daughter in the Lord, with grateful affection We concur with your just requests and accept into the right and property of Blessed Peter and the Roman Church a piece of land together with all its buildings and pertinences which you had at Holy Sepulcher at Monticello in the Diocese of Florence and which in your liberality you gave to Us in the name of the Roman Church. On this land you desire to dedicate a monastery to the honor of God and His glorious virgin Mother that you may offer yourself there as a holocaust to the Lord and by your example call forth others to divine allegiance. In fact, you have asked Us for the privilege of the Holy See's protection to defend the place itself and the people serving God there against the assaults of malignant men.

By your just petitions We are inclined to accept without a mediator for the Roman Church and under the protection of Blessed Peter this Monastery of the Glorious Virgin, in which you have given yourself up to divine allegiance, together with the people and everything there, and We enforce this privilege by this present communication. We especially set it up that a monastic Order that is known to have been established in the same place according to the Lord and the Rule of Blessed Benedict, which you profess, and may it be inviolably observed there for all time. Nevertheless, besides the general Rule of Blessed Benedict, you have voluntarily imposed upon yourselves the regular observances of the Ladies of Saint Mary of San Damiano at Assisi. These We have ratified, and We decree that they remain inviolate for all time.

Besides, We confirm for you your place and what is legally connected with it, which you possess according to canon law, and through you We confirm it for those who canonically succeed you, and We also decree that by the authority of this present writing you are immune from the warranty of tithes for your enclosure and from the fruits of your gardens. However, for these and for other things, in which your church could perhaps by diocesan law be attached to the church of Florence, you shall pay each year one pound of wax only and not anything else on the Feast of St. Zenobius of the church of Florence.

You should also be allowed to receive free women and those fleeing absolutely from the world to conversion in your church




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 337