Pope Honorius III (1219-1222) - 336 

Sacrosancta Romana Ecclesia, December 9a

To Our beloved daughters in Christ the Abbess, and the nuns of the Monastery of St. Mary of the Holy Sepulcher of Monticello in the Diocese of Florence, health and apostolic benediction.

Because of her duty of maternal devotion, the most holy Church of Rome is accustomed and more inclined to esteem her devoted and humble sons, and lest they be disturbed by the vexations of perverse men, she as a dutiful mother has cherished them with the rampart of her protection.

Indeed, Our Venerable Brother Hugolino, the Bishop of Ostia, while he was engaged in the performance of the duties of his office as Legate in your vicinity, accepted in Our name from Advengnente, a nun of your monastery, before she entered religion, a piece of land which she had in a place called Holy Sepulcher of Monticello together with all its pertinence according to law and legal ownership of the Roman Church as We had enjoined on her; and in your monastery, constructed there, she was to have something set up for the increase and approval of your Order. While looking favorably on your just requests, We confirm what has been done by this same Bishop, considering it valid and pleasing, after the veil of your Order was set up by this Bishop, as is contained in his privilege and We strengthen all this by the protection of this present communication.

However, for your greater protection and for that of your monastery, We are obliged to set down in this letter word for word the tenor of this same privilege, which is as follows:

Hugolino by the mercy of God Bishop of Ostia and Velletri, Legate for the Apostolic See to His beloved daughters in Christ, the Abbess of the Monastery of St. Mary of the Holy Sepulcher at Monticello in the Diocese of Florence, to Advengnente and her Sisters both present and future who have professed the religious life; to the prudent Virgins, who in the habit of religion and with their lamps alit are preparing themselves through works of sanctity to go to meet their Spouse, and with Him enter the heavenly nuptials, we ought to share our confidence, lest perhaps an




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 336