Pope Gregory IX - 370 


Gregory IX issued these decrees addressing the concerns of the Lesser Brother who was Visitor of the Nuns of the Order of St. Damian as well as making foundations: Dilectarum in Christo, to the Visitor of the nuns of Pamplona, May 3, cf. Juan Ruiz de Larrinaga, "Las Clarissas de Pamplona," Archivo Ibero-Americano 5 (1945): 256-257; Cum a nobis, to the nuns of Ascoli-Piceno, May 27, cf. Annibalus de Latera, BF Supplementum (Rome: n.p., 1780), 4-5/3; Religionis vestrae meretur, to the nuns of Venice, March 5, cf. BF I 291.


Another brief decree, also written to the Order of St. Damian on April 26, Personis quae mundo, was written to encourage the nuns in their embrace of their austerities, cf. BF I 295.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 370