Notification of Death - 138 

20If ever she noticed someone in need of clothing or hungry
or thirsty,
she would hurry into their midst with a kind and encouraging
word such as:
21“Bear it courteously…,”
“Bear the burdens of poverty patiently…the weight of humility humbly.
22The patience of those whose vision springs
from a consideration of the Godhead
produces the delights of paradise for the one
who is patient and will purchase the riches of an eternal reward.”

23Why should we proceed any further? The depth of this blessedness knows no explanation in human terms. 24But listen to the gift of the Godhead she received toward the end of her existence: as she was dying the Vicar of Christ with the venerable college of his brothers visited her, 25 still more graciously he remained, and, afterwards, he stayed for the funeral of the deceased, at the obsequies he honored her body.

26Even though a violent pain physically wrenches our hearts at her death, let us nevertheless extend the right hand of our soul to the glory of divine praise, to the palm of cheerfulness. 27For just as our mortal intelligence understands the dance of joy with which the heavenly army and its holy spirits welcomes her and presents the masterpiece of her sacred body to the sight of its Creator, shining with a variety of miracles by the efficacious power of its Maker,…a




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 138