Notification of Death - 137 

10Then, strikingly beautiful in body,
rich in abundant wealth,
born of noble lineage,
she came to the age of marriage,
when she took a poor habit for a bridal gown,
a funeral for a wedding,
girded herself with a rope for a wedding sash.

11O how solemn this marriage!
O how fruitful this virginity which bore fruit
in numerous and abundant offspring
unsullied by the touch of carnal love!
12O wonderfully fruitful seed that knew no corruption,
and, not without the breath of the Holy Spirit,
has brought forth countless children!

13Look at this with amazement! O sisters,
see how brilliantly her feminine sensibility shone with so many
14How it was ablaze with the vigor of such strength!
How she trod blamelessly in overcoming worldly moral decay!
15How, wounded by the sting of lingering sickness,
and delayed longer by the frailty of old age,
she did not grumble out of weakness,
or open the door of her mouth to complain!
16No, the more strongly she was stung by the barbs of sickness,
the more devoutly did she offer a song of praise to the Lord,
17because she was bound by the reins of moderation;
because she was on fire with the flame of charity!
18Not even the attack of an angry storm overturned the calm
of her soul
that, like a sail in modest hands, pulls away from angry gusts.a
19She, who soothingly refreshed our hearts about the embrace
of divinity
strengthening them with the antidote of continuing




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 137