Notification of Death - 136 

the separating best man of the carnal bond,a that is, by destructive death.

4Her festive and celebrated ascent
from earth to heaven,
from the shadow of darkness to brilliance,
although spiritually it suggests joy to the senses,
temporally it has, nevertheless,
confounded our light with an overflowing of grief.

5While she took our steps
from the slippery path of worldly cravings,
directed us on the path of salvation,
alas, she has left our sight.

6To be sure, it pleased the Lord,
perhaps by the guilt of our imperfections,
to have the glorious Clare shine
even more with heavenly rays,
than to have the more gracious one
languish any longer among her sisters at their places.

7For she had truly merited [this honor],
if we consider the merits of her own perfection
through which, from her earliest years,
she had flourished in her vigils of contemplating the Lord.

8After earning during this time the rewards of a just payment,
one for which she had poured forth
the vows of her devotion in gracious adoration,
turning away altogether
from a betrothal with Venus
in favor of one with Christ,

9she had vowed to preserve the lily of her virginal purity
and so united herself to Him in marriage with a wedding ring of love.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 136