Letter of Cardinal Rainaldo dei Conti di Segni - 134 

completely instructed by the blessings of this life in what has been prepared for us in eternity by the everlasting grace of His kindness. Behold your father and lord! God has made him His Vicar, yet his love for you has not cooled or diminished. It increases daily in its strength. For it was appropriate and fitting that the friend of the Bridegroom, the Vicar of Christ, the Shepherd and Bishop of the universal flock, be bound by an eternal love to these young ladies upon whom rests the Spouse’s most chaste love.

We are not his successor, but since he is involved in many difficult problems, we have approached him so that he may do through his messenger what he cannot do himself. For even the very King and Lord of heaven, Who has all power in and through Himself, constantly operates through the ministry of His messengers.

3My very dear sisters, the Lord Pope has wished to entrust the care of you to me, because until this very moment we have bestowed upon you such a sincere love that with our whole heart we are zealous for your welfare, and such a way as he himself showed toward you when he was serving in a lesser position. Consequently, and as a token of the paternal solicitude for our daughters, we have favored the requests of Brother Pacifico who is very devoted to God and to you. The burden [of being Visitator] seemed unbearable to him. Therefore, we have chosen our very dear friend, Brother Filippo, who will be designated as your Visitator by a special mandate of the Supreme Pontiff. Brother Filippo is rooted in the innermost depth of our heart and is a religious who fears God. We command you by this document in virtue of strict obedience to receive him with due reverence as a servant of God, as someone zealous for your welfare and as one who has endured very many hardships and difficulties for you. In all things, listen to salutary admonitions and commands. In all things, comply with his precepts and wishes as one possessing the fullest powers. Know that we will never revoke anything of those things that he has ordained for punishment or for anything else.

May final perseverance and a most happy end be given to you all, and may the blessing of Almighty God descend upon you forever.

Given at Perugia, on the fifteenth calends of September,a in the second year of the pontificate of Lord Pope Gregory the Ninth.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 134