Letter of Cardinal Hugolino dei Conti di Segni - 130 

disciples and nailed to the gallows of the Cross, so I remain deso- late by your absence from me. For that glorious joy, with which I discussed the Body of Christ with you while celebrating Easter with you and the other servants of Christ, has forsaken me. And although I have always known and have considered myself to be a sinner, yet after having recognized a sure sign of your merits and having observed the rigor of your way of life, I have learned with certainty that I have been weighed down with such a bur- den of sin and have so offended the Lord of the whole universe, that I am not worthy to be freed from earthly concerns and be associated with the company of the elect, unless your prayers and tears obtain for me pardon for my sins.

3Therefore, I entrust my soul and commend my spirit to you, just as Jesus on the Cross commended His spirit to the Father, so that on the day of judgment you may answer for me, if you have not been concerned for and intent on my salvation. For I have a certain belief that you will obtain from the most high Judge whatever the insistence of so great a devotion and abundance of tears implores. The Lord Pope is not coming to Assisi now, but I will seize the first opportunity in my desire to see you and your sisters.

Greetings to the virgin Agnes, my sister, and to all your sisters in Christ! Amen.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 130