The Legend of Saint Clare - 322 

"O Clare, honored by the world, I entrust my pitiable son to you and, with every prayer, I beg you for his cure."

8He hurried to the tomb filled with faith, brought the boy, and placed him on her grave. 9While he prayed, he immediately obtained her help. For the boy was at once free from that ill ness and never again afflicted by an injury of this kind.

Another Miracle [Chapter XXXIII]

51. 1Alexandrina di Fratta, of the diocese of Perugia, was afflicted by a very bad demon.a 2The demon had so brought her into his power that he would make her fly like a bird abovea high rock that stuck out over the bank of the river. 3He also made her land upon a very thin branch hanging over the Tiber and kept her there as if for fun. 4Moreover, since she had completely lost [use of] her left side and had a withered hand because of her sins, she did not profit from any of the medicinesshe had frequently tried.

5She came to the tomb of the glorious virgin Clare with a contri te heart. After calling upon her merits, she received an effective cure for that threefold danger. 6In fact, her withered hand was restored, her side was returned to health, and she was freed from possession of the evil demon.

7At the same time, another woman of the same place received before the tomb of the saint the gift of being freed from [possession by the] devil and many ill nesses.

Healing from the Sickness of Frenzy [Chapter XXXIV]

52. 1An ill ness of frenzy, which both took away the use of speech and made the body horribly disturbed, possessed acertain young Frenchman who was attached to the Curia.b 2He could at least be restrained by someone, but, while in the hands of those willing to restrain him, he all the more bruised himself. 3He was




Legenda Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2444

7O virgo, inquit, sanctissima, o mundo venerabilis Clara, tibi miserum natum devoveo, a te sanitatem ejus tota supplicatione deposco.

8Festinat ad sepulcrum eius fide plenus, et allatum puerum super tumbam virginis ponens, eius protinus opem, dum poscit, acquirit.9Statim enim puer ab illa infirmitate liber efficitur, et iam ulterius nulla consimili laesione vexatur.

Aliud miraculum.

51 1Alexandrina de Fracta Perusinae dioecesis daemonio nequissimo vexabatur.2Quam ita daemonium in suam redigerat potestatem, ut faceret eam per excelsam rupem, quae in crepidine fluminis eminebat, sicut aviculam volitare:3per tenuissimum quoque arboris ramum, fluvio Tiberis impendentem faciebat descendere, atque eam ibidem quasi ludo vacare:4suorum quoque merito peccatorum, cum latus sinistrum penitus amisisset, et manum contractam haberet, medicinis saepe tentatis nihil proficiebat:

5venit ad tumbam gloriosae virginis Clarae corde compuncta, eiusque meritis invocatis, contra suum illud triplex periculum unius remedii salutarem sumit effectum.6Contracta quidem manus extenditur, latus sanitati redditur, et possessa a daemonio liberatur.

7Altera mulier eiusdem loci a daemonio et multis doloribus, eodem tempore ante sepulcrum Sanctae, munus liberationis accepit.

De sanato a morbo furiae.

52 1Puerum quendam Francigenam, qui curiam sequebatur, furiae morbus invaserat, quae ipsi et loquelae abstulerat usum et corpus monstruose fecerat inquietum.2Detineri ab aliquo minime poterat, sed potius intra manus detinere volentium horribiliter se frangebat.3Ligatur funibus lectulo mortuorum et a compatriotis ad ecclesiam sanctae Clarae defertur invitus,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 322