The Legend of Saint Clare - 311 

7Nowhere was the strict rule of silence greater;
nowhere was the brightness and the quality of every virtue
more abundant.
8There was no lax talk bespeaking a lax spirit
nor a frivolity of words producing
a frivolous disposition of mind.
9For the teacher herself was sparing in her words
and she abundantly compressed in few words
the desires of her mind.

Her Eager Desire to Hear the Word of Holy Preaching
[Chapter XXIV]

37. 1She provided for her children, through dedicated preachers, the nourishment of the Word of God and from this she did not take a poorer portion. 2She was filled with such rejoicing at hearing a holy sermon; she delighted at such a remembrance of her Jesus 3that, once, when Brother Philippo d'Altri was preaching,a a very splendid child stood by the Virgin Clare and during the greater part of the sermon delighted her with his sighs of joy. 4That sister who merited to see such a thing in her mother experienced an indescribable sweetness from the sight of this apparition

5Although she was not educated in the liberal arts, she nevertheless enjoyed listening to the sermons of those who were, because she believed that a nucleus lay hidden in the text that she would subtly perceive and enjoy with relish. 6She knew what to take out of the sermon of any preacher that might be profitable to the soul, while knowing that to pluck a flower from a wild thorn was no less prudent than to eat the fruit of a noble tree.

7Once, when Lord Pope Gregory forbade any brother to go to the monasteries of the Ladies without permission,b the pious




Legenda Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2436

7Nusquam maior censura silentii, nusquam amplior et color et tenor omnis honesti. 8Non ibi fluida loquela fluidum loquitur animum, nec verbi levitas levem prodit affectum. 9Ipsa namque magistra parca in verbis; abunde mentis vota sermonis brevitate coarctat.

De studio libenter audiendi verbum sanctae praedicationis.

37 1Providet filiabus per devotos praedicatores alimoniam verbi Dei, ex qua suam deteriorem non efficit partem. 2Nam tanta in auditu sanctae praedicationis exultatione perfunditur, tanta sui Iesu recordatione deliciatur, 3ut praedicante aliquando frate Philippo de Adria, speciosissimus quidam puer virgini Clarae assisteret, et per magnam praedicationis partem suis eam gratulationibus oblectaret. 4Ex cuius apparitionis intuitu illa, quae de matre videre talia merebatur, suavitatem inexplicabilem sentiebat. 5Licet autem litterata non esset, litteratorium tamen gaudebat audire sermonem, rata quod in testa verborum nucleus lateat, quem ipsa attingebat subtilius et sapidius degustabat. 6Novit de cuiuslibet sermone loquentis elicere quod animae prosit: sciens non minoris esse prudentiae, de rudi quandoque spina florem decerpere, quam fructum ex arbore nobili manducare. 7Cum semel dominus Papa Gregorius prohibuisset, ne aliquis frater ad monasteria dominarum sine sua licentia pergeret, dolens pia mater cibum sacrae doctrinae rarius habituras Sorores,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 311