Form of Life of Pope Innoncent IV - 104 

No monastery of your Order may be established in the future by others without the permission and consent of the general chapter of the aforementioned Order.

The chaplain and converts may promise obedience to the abbess, according to the arrangement of the Visitator, promising stability of place and to live perpetually without anything of their own, and in chastity.a The Visitator is permitted to transfer the chaplain, the serving sisters, as well as the converts from one monastery to another for an evident need or for obvious usefulness.

They should observe the fast as the sisters do. Let the abbess, nonetheless, be allowed mercifully to dispense them [from fasting] due to the heat, a journey, some work, or some other reasonable and upright reason.

They may have tunics without the hood, made of poor cloth, according to their need. Let their sleeves be short and reach they extend the length of four fingers from the arch of the foot. They may have a becoming strap with a knife for a belt. They may also wear a small cape above the tunics; its length may reach a little beyond the knee and its width to the elbow. The chaplain, nevertheless, may have a little cape of shorter length. He may also use a decent cape, when it is appropriate. They may have footwear and socks, as well as pants that are wide and long and which are fastened in the front.

And let the converts say the same Office as described above for the sisters who cannot read, except that they may at least be bound to the Office of the Blessed Virgin.

Let the chaplain and penitents be thoroughly subject to the knowledge as well as the correction of the Visitator whom they are strictly bound to obey.

Therefore, let no one dare to tamper with this document of Our concession and constitution, or dare to oppose it with rash




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 104