Form of Life of Pope Innoncent IV - 102 

Let a certain time for returning be given to those who go out. It may not be permitted for any of them to eat, drink, or sleep outside the monastery without special permission, or to be separated from one another, or to talk to someone in private, or to enter the dwelling-place of the chaplain of the monastery or of converts or penitents or of the brothers staying there.a If one of them does something contrary to this, let her be severely punished. And let them zealously be careful that they do not stop in suspicious places or become familiar with persons of a bad reputation. Upon their return let them not recount to the sisters worldly and useless things through which they can be disturbed or weakened. And while they are out, let them so con- duct themselves that they are able to edify those who see them by their upright manner . What ever is given or promised them, let them bring it and report it to the abbess or another who takes her place in this regard.

11As far as this is concerned, you may be permitted to receive, to have in common, and freely to retain produce and possessions.b A procurator—one who is prudent. as well as loyal—may be had in every monastery of the Order to deal with these possessions in a becoming way.c Whenever it seems necessary, he should be appointed or removed by a Visitator as he sees fit.

Let this procurator, established in. this way, be bound to render an account to the abbess and three other sisters especially assigned for this, and to this Visitator, if he wishes, concerning everything entrusted to him—what he has received as well as spent. And he may not be able to sell, exchange, obligate, or alienate anything at all from the goods of the monastery, unless he has the permission of the abbess as well as the community. We decree that whatever might be attempted contrary to this be




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 102