Form of Life of Pope Innoncent IV - 100 

of the following day, and at the time of siesta and visitation, unless some evident necessity or obvious advantage requires something else.a

Let one of the sisters, who is God fearing, mature in character, and of fitting age, be appointed to take care of the aforementioned entrance. Let her so zealously care for and guard one key that the door can never be opened unknown to her or her companion. But let the abbess take care of the other key that is different from it. let there be another [sister], equally suitable and appointed as her companion, who may take her place in all things, when she is occupied and detained by some reasonable or necessary employment.

let them very zealously take care and beware that the door never remains open except when it may be appropriately done for a short time. Let the entrance be very well secured with wooden panels, strong beams, and iron bars. Let it never be left open without a guard or even closed unless it is securely locked by one key during the day and by two during the night. Let it not be opened immediately at every knock, unless it is known before— hand, without a doubt, that it is such a person for whom the door should be opened without any hesitation according to the decree which is contained above in that Form concerning those who are about to enter.

But if sometime some work has to be done within the monastery, it may be entered by some seculars or other persons in order to accomplish it. But let the abbess carefully provide that, while the work is being done, some other suitable person be appointed to guard the door. She may open it for those persons designated to do the work and not allow others to enter.

For at such a time and, as far as they are reasonably able, always, let the sisters most zealously guard against being seen by seculars or persons from the outside.

As for the rest, since we do not wish that the aforesaid door be opened for other things except for those things that cannot





Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 100