Form of Life of Pope Innoncent IV - 97 

they are at least in the sight of one another at all times. Let him conduct himself in this way at the commendation of her soul.

He may not enter the enclosure to conduct the obsequies at the grave; let this duty be fulfilled in the chapel. Nevertheless, if it seems to the abbess that he should enter for these obsequies, let him enter vested in the manner described above and, after the burial, let him leave without delay. If, however, it is necessary for someone to enter to dig or open a grave, or certainly to close it afterwards, it is lawful for him or anyone else who is upright and suitable together with one or two companions to enter for this purpose.

Otherwise let him not presume to enter the monastery. But when some sister wishes to speak to him about confession, let him listen to her through the speaking grille and through it let him then speak to her about those things that pertain to confession.a

When the sisters do not have their own chaplain, they can hear Mass celebrated by any priest of good reputation and upright life. However, let them receive Penance, the Lord's Body, and the other ecclesial sacraments, only from the brothers of the Order of Minors, unless, when some sister is on the point of a dangerous necessity, it is impossible for them to have access to an above-mentioned brother.

We also desire that an iron grille of a suitable form be placed in the wall that divides the sisters from the chapel.b A black linen cloth should be so placed on the inside of this grille so that no sister may see anything in the chapel outside. Let them have wooden doors with iron bars and a key so that they remain closed and not opened except when celebrating the Divine Office or for the purpose of listening at times to the Word of God to be proposed in the chapel outside by a fitting and upright person.

And no one may speak to another through the grille spoken of, except when permission is at times given to someone exceptional for a reasonable cause or when necessity demands it. Because it may at times happen that some outsider approaches




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 97