Saint Leonard of Port Maurice: Preacher of Parish Missions

On November 26, Franciscans around the world honor the memory of Saint Leonard of Port Maurice (1676–1751), famous preacher of parish missions.

Discerning a religious vocation

Leonard was born in the town of Porto Maurizio on the Italian Riviera, then in the Republic of Genoa, where his father was a ship captain. At age 13, he was sent to live with an uncle in Rome where he attended the Jesuit college and the Gregorian University to prepare himself for a career in medicine. He discerned a religious vocation, however, and entered the Reformed Friars Minor of the Strict Observance in Rome in 1697.

St Leonard of Port Maurice Church of San Bonaventura Rome 700pxlsThe small Church of San Bonaventura on the Palatine Hill in Rome is where Leonard entered the Order and where he died.

St Leonard of Port Maurice interior Church of San Bonaventura Rome 700pxlsThe interior of the Church of St. Bonaventure whose intimate venue makes it a popular venue for Roman weddings.

Devoting his life to ministry of

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