Transitus of Saint Francis: Welcoming Sister Death

795 years ago this evening, October 3, 1226, Francis of Assisi passed from this life into the fullness of the Divine.

Yielding up the spirit of life

His health had been sharply declining, and several months earlier, he had asked to come home to Assisi. According to St. Bonaventure’s account, Francis was being nursed in the bishop’s residence in the city, but aware that his death was imminent, “he asked to be carried to St. Mary of the Portiuncula so that he might yield up the spirit of life where he had received the spirit of grace.”

St Clare nursing St Francis statue 700pxlsSaint Clare nursing Saint Francis and seeing the wounds of the Stigmata. Historically speaking, this moving image depicts something that "might have happened"—we know that when Francis was very ill and depressed, he went to San Damiano where he was nursed by the Poor Sisters, but we also know that he always took

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